Naturally Amazing


Particularly aimed at those who wish to lead a vegetarian or vegan, high pH lifestyle, yet still build muscle and achieve a great healthy, toned body – “Naturally Amazing” discusses our current day environment and its effects on our health.

Along with the implications of a sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in processed foods, other factors such as water, air and food pollution affect our lives, and Dusan offers advice on how to combat their effects.

“Naturally Amazing” focuses on the unique concept of combining a vegan or vegetarian high pH alkalarian diet with bodybuilding training, with my own experiences proving that you can successfully compete and win as a bodybuilder on a purely vegan, high pH diet – at any age.

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Health and Modern Lifestyle


This is a comprehensive book about the dangers of modern lifestyle for everybody who cares about their health, the environment, the planet – and a warning for those who do not.

Learn how to help yourself and your loved ones avoid the risks associated with modern life. Learn about natural healing – what is good and what is bad for you; what supplements to use and when; how to keep a healthy body weight; which sports are best for you; how to avoid stress and negative thinking; how to use vegetables and juices to clean your body; how to breathe and meditate properly; how to cure allergies; how to fast and detoxify your body; and how to get back to a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life to the full.

Purchase the e-Book for $14 NZD